Julia Lucy is one of the famous Mokurino in Kenya. I have watched Julia’s videos from when was a lil kid as my mom was a great fun of Akorinos and had Akorinos friends. Mokurino literally means ‘who is the deliverer’. Alot of wakorinos are firm in their faith and most of their songs are Bible quoted. The songs definitely take you back to the root of Christian Faith. The other thing I remember about Julia is that her daughter went to the same school as my brother somewhere near Ol joro rok which we used to pronounce jororoko before you get to Ol Kalou which we used to pronounce Kalau.  I have never met Julia but my mother met her a few months ago when she went to buy me some vids of her.The main theme of this song is pleading with God to remember me in that Big day, the Famous day where people of all Nations will gather and on their knees Praise God!  


Hezekiah Ndungu is another popular Mukorino. From the vid you can hear alot of guitaring which says alot of Wakorinos transitions.  You can tell from Julia’s vids there is no guitars or drumming as it was not popular at the birth of religion of Wakorino. Modern Mukorino is abit open to modern instruments. The songs remain Bible rooted. The song explains how up on the mountain is a nice place, that where good things come from and thats where the power of God comes from and we need to go up there so that we can become partakers of these new Power.

It is a beautiful song if you understand. I got his vid from my mom and she got it from her mukorino friend called Daudi which means David.

Lil bit of Wakorino:

Men and women wear headscarfs. From what I have heard, men wear them just like Moses did during those days when he saw a burning bush. Married women wear a white cloth around the chest. It is not for decoration but is the wedding ring. If you look closely you will see Julia and the rest of the ladies wearing a white cloth around the chest like a breastplate.

Women wear long dresses that goes all the way to the bottom and the dresses have ‘mafiriri’ ie straigten frills. Not all wakorino shake your hands especially if you are not Mokirino or does not know you well. My moms friend Kamboi short name for Wamboi, used to shake hands with my mom but when it came to me she will say ‘iganira’ literally meaning ‘no bother’

Wakorino never shy off from their faith, even their small kids will stick up for their faith in school and in the streets.  Wakorino prays and fast alot. Their young upcoming kids are bright in school.

With time wakorino have embraced musical instruments. They used to sing without instruments (except darama – a drum which you hold with one hand and use a drumming stick on the other) but you won’t notice and they were just gifted to do the songs to make them sound like they had instruments. Their way of clapping hands while singing is very peculiar and you’ve got to be a Mukorino to produce the tune!

They are not bling bling kind of people even though majority of them are very wealthy especially where I come from. The days of old they never used to go to hospital or take id cards but with time all that is changing.

Some people have a wrong attitude towards them maybe based on the choice of cloths they wear or maybe for choosing the path they’ve choosen but if you listen to their songs, they are full of enriching messages as compared to what we get in our modern music.

kuigua wega (Feeling good)

Hezel Ndugu


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